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Breeders Directory
If you are a member and would like to be added to the Directory please email


Anne Moore Poultry 

Dunnesville, VA

Breeds: Call ducks, White Chinese Geese

Phone: 804-445-3055

Contact Email:

Facebook page: Anne Smith Moore


Berry Fresh Farm 

Tappahannock, VA

Breeds: Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Heritage Barred Rocks, Light Brahmas, Cream Brabanters, Mandarin Ducks

Spring (2022) we will have Blue Marans, Black Copper Marans, Blue Jersey Giants, Buff Brahmas and Blue Light Brahmas

Phone: 240-320-6048

Cheap Chicks Poultry

Urbanna, VA

Breeds: Bantam Cochins in Black Mottled,

Bantam Plymouth Rocks in Columbian.

Welsh Harlequin Ducks.

Bronze Turkeys.

Contact Email:

Facebook page: CheapChicksPoultry


Coastline Poultry

Gloucester, VA

Breeds: Silkies, Modern Game bantam

NPIP certified, Flock routinely AI tested

ABA member

Contact Email:

Crazy Cracked Egg

Smithfield, VA

Breeds: Critical list Nankins, dating back to early 1500's a true Bantam, Cochin bantams  Black, Black Mottled, Bobtails, Buff, Birchen, Calico/Millie. Working on Silver Blues. Bearded Quail D-Andvers, English Variety of Orpingtons, Chocolate, Chocolate Mottled and Black Mottled, Silkies, Quails and Bobwhites, Peach Ringneck Doves

NPIP and Certified tester 

Member of Livestock Conservancy, APA, ABA, Cochins International, VPBA, ODPA


Facebook page: Crazy Cracked Egg

Crow Feather Farm

Rocky Mount, VA

Breeds: Specializing in Bantam Friendly Fancy Pet Chickens.

NPIP / Avian Influenza Certified 

Contact Email:

GG's Farm / BayRivers Serama

Gloucester, VA

Breeds: Silkie- Black, Splash, Blue, White, Paint

Serama- American, Traditional and Ayam: Smooth, Silkied and Frizzle feathered (all variety of Serama can do Tabletop showing at this time)

VA NPIP #52-423 Certified tester, Flock- Typhoid, AI clean

Club member of APA, ABA, ASBC, SCNA, ASBG, ODPA, VPBA 

Contact Email:

Facebook pages: BayRivers Serama - GG'sfarmgoods

Living the Dream Quality Poultry

Hanover, VA

Breeds: Olive Eggers, Black Copper Marans, Blue Marans, Lavender Orpingtons, Swedish Flower Hens, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Tolbunt Polish, Silverudd Blues, Light Brahmas, Guineas

NPIP and Certified tester, Flock routinely AI tested

Contact Email:

Facebook page: Living the Dream Quality Poultry

Muddy Acres Farm

Rice, VA

Breeds: LF and Bantam Ameraucanas.

NPIP / Avian Influenza Certified,  

Ameraucana breeders club and APA member. 

Contact Email: 

Facebook page: Muddy Acres Farm 

Norsk Mountain Farm

Elkton, VA

Breeds: Ameraucanas (Large Fowl and Bantams), Light and Dark Brahmas, Swedish Flower Hens and  Easter Eggers.

NPIP / Avian Influenza Certified

Phone: 540-908-8969

Contact Email:


Facebook page: Norsk Mountain Farm

Seagrave-Williams Farm, LLC.


Breeds: Ameraucana, Barred Holland, Buttercup, Crevecoeur, Cubalaya, Dampierre, Dominiques, Death Layer, Golden Campine, Houdan, Indio Gigante, La Fleche, Malay, Modern BB Red Game, Modern Game (bantam), Nankin (single comb and rose comb), Pavlovskaya, Redcap, Salmon Faverolle, Spitzhauben (silver spangled), Sultan, White-Faced Black Spanish, Yokohama, Aylesbury  Duck, Pekin Duck, Saxony Duck, Silver Appleyard Duck, Sebastopol Geese, Beltsville Small White Turkey

NPIP / Avian Influenza Certified

Contact Email:




Sensational Seramas

Barbara Morgan

Clarksville, VA

Breeds: Seramas- Traditional and Ayam

NPIP / Avian Influenza certified

Phone: 804-824-8109

Contact Email:

Home bred, show quality, for over 10 years

The ONE Egg To Rule Them All
(Shem Abel, Megan Abel)
Doswell, VA
Breeds: Ayam Cemani, Black Copper Maran, Lavender Orpington, Lavender Ameraucana, Indio Gigante, Silverudd Blue, Celadon Quail.

Phone: 804-307-8803


Facebook page:  The ONE Egg To Rule Them All 



The Watson Family Farm

Rockville, VA

Breeds: LF Cochins, Japanese Black tail Buffs, D'uccle, Orpingtons

Phone: 804-874-8370

Contact Email:

Wing & A Prayer Farm

APA members who raise and show to SOP eighteen different breeds of chickens and waterfowl. We are Livestock Conservancy members who raise eight heritage breeds listed in the conservation effort. Breeds: Ohiki, Ayam, Cemani, Sumatra, Black tailed white Japanese, D'Uccle, Old English Game bantam, Phoenix, Bantam Cochin, Serama, Cornish game bantam. Waterfowl- Black East Indie, Call duck (grey), Runner duck (grey, blue, chocolate, black, penciled, fawn, white) Crested Cayuga duck, Muscovy, Sevastopol, Mandarin.

VA NPIP / AI certified #475






Wojtecki Wyandottes

Abigail Wojtecki Berg

Catlett, VA

Breeds: Bantam Silver Laced Wyandottes, Large Fowl Partridge Wyandottes, Large Fowl Silver Penciled Wyandottes

APA, ABA, ODPA and secretary/treasurer of the Wyandotte Breeders of America.

Contact Email:

Facebook page:



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