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Upcoming Poultry Shows

Come join us at the Virginia State Fair at the Meadow Event Park for our next big show!

September 23rd and 24th, 2023

APA/ABA Double Card Open and Single Card Youth with Youth Contest!

This show will be held during the State Fair and is open to all ages 5 +. Come show and learn with other poultry enthusiasts! This is a fun event for the whole family to enjoy!

Entry Deadline is September 2, 2023

Club Meets

The Meets below are scheduled for our upcoming show. 

You must be a current member of these clubs to receive meet points.

ODPA is NOT responsible for any awards given by these clubs. 

All Meets welcome, please email the show secretary ASAP if you would like to add your Club Meet to our show.


  • American Poultry Association: State and Special Meet.

  • American Bantam Association: Special Meets.

  • National Sebastopol Geese Association: Regional Meet.

  • American Brahma Club: State and Special Meet.

  • American Turkey Association: State and Special Meet.

  • Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club of America: Special Meet.

  • American Silkie Bantam Club: Special Meet.

  • Serama Council of North America: State Meet.

  • Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities: Special Meet.

  • Ameraucana Breeders Club: Club Meet.

  • National Call Breeders of America: Special Meet.

  • Ameraucana Alliance: Club Meet.

  • American Serama Breeders-Exhibitors Club: Special Meet.

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