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Past Event Highlights
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ODPA's 1st Poultry Show at the Virginia State Fair

Go to the show page and click on the link at the bottom for the show results. Here are some fun pictures of our event.

Large Fowl Class

1st Barred Plymouth Rock, Silas Miller.

2nd Ameraucana, Gianna Miller.


Non-Standard Class

1st Araucana Mix, Exie Abbott.

2nd Red Sex Link, Samantha Rao.


Water Fowl Class

1st Khaki Campbell Duck, Exie Abbott.

2nd White Chinese Goose, Exie Abbott.


Other Fowl Class

1st Narragansett Turkey, Samantha Rao.


Youth Grand Champion 

Khaki Campbell Duck


Youth Reserve Grand Champion

Barred Plymouth Rock



Large Fowl Class

1st Wheaton Ameraucana, Colby Critzer.

2nd Black Copper Marans, Crystal Stitler.

3rd Barred Plymouth Rock, Crystal Stitler.

Bantam Class

1st Mille Fleur d'Uccle, Crystal Stitler.

Non-Standard Class

1st Blue Copper Marans, Crystal Stitler.

2nd Red Star, Crystal Stitler.

3rd Swedish Flower Hens, Emily Garland.

Water Fowl Class

1st White Pekin Duck, Crystal Stitler.

Other Fowl Class

1st Pearl Guinea, Crystal Stitler.

Open Grand Champion 

Blue Copper Marans

Open Reserve Grand Champion

White Pekin Duck

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Egg Shows


May 1, 2021

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